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My Love For Calvin & Hobbes #3

This isn’t quite Calvin & Hobbes as you can see, but Calvin is Lex.  Anyone who has read a couple of C&H strips can tell immediately.  The real joy is the fusing of C&H with both the Superman universe and Batman’s universe.


Want to get your kid to never smoke?  Let them do it once as a little kid and see what happens.  Calvin thinks he’s so smart.  His plan backfires when his mom says yes to a cigarette, only to find out just what it feels like to do it.  Lesson learned!


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Congratulations Rafael Nadal on Winning the 2011 Roland Garros(French Open) Title

Rafael Nadal wins his sixth French Open title and 10th slam overall.

For those who know me, I may just be a teensy weensy bit obsessed with tennis.   A large part of that has to do with my all-time favorite player: Rafael Nadal.

Although I realize that this is primarily a movie/tv show news and review site, I may from time to time toss in a post on Nadal if he wins something big.

For those of you who may not follow tennis, but still feel like they want to continue reading this post, there are four major tournaments(slams) in a calendar year.  First is The Australian Open in February, then Roland Garros in late May-early June, Wimbledon a few weeks later and The U.S. Open in late August-early September.

At just 25 years old, which is still quite young for a tennis player, Nadal has already managed to win 10 majors for his career with his win Sunday.  It’s only fitting that he defeated his great friend and fiercest rival in Roger Federer who at almost 30 years old has the record for most majors in a career at 16.  Nadal however is nearly 5 years younger, and with plenty of tennis left in him, can make a run at Federer’s record.

With 6 title as Roland Garros, 2 at Wimbledon, and one apiece at both The Australian Open and The U.S. Open, Nadal has already completed the rare and vaunted Career Slam by winning all four major titles.  It’s quite an accomplishment.

Now with 6 at Roland Garros, Nadal has tied the Angelic Assassin Bjorn Bjorg who played in the 70’s and early 80’s for the most titles there.  Given his young age and pure dominance on that clay court(45-1) it’s almost insane to believe that Nadal will never win another title there.

There will be those who continue to doubt his ability to stay injury free and win enough to catch up to Federer and that may in the end be true.  However he’s still one of the greatest players to ever walk on a court.

Here is a video of some of his best shots from last year’s U.S. Open final which he won.

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My Love For Calvin and Hobbes #2

This is my second post about Calvin and Hobbes.  As you can see, Calvin’s imagination is a little . . . twisted.  But we can relate to playing with your food.  What kid didn’t play with their food and by the looks of it, it’s more fun to make a sculpture than to eat the green slop.

Watterson was never shy about making a point.  He never intended for his strip to be just for laughs.  It was supposed to teach us something, like how the educational system can be pointless.



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The Dark Knight Rises News: First look at Tom Hardy as Bane

Earlier today, a photo was released with Tom Hardy as DC Comics villain and Batman arch-nemesis Bane.  The Dark Knight Rises is the much hyped sequel to 2008’s “The Dark Knight” .

Although we have known for some time that Hardy would be playing Bane, It’s still interesting to see the overall look Nolan is going for when it comes to his biggest villain in this film.  If you remember, he did this same thing with Heath Ledger when he unveiled the Joker a few years ago.

Personally, I think the look of Bane is both interesting and satisfying.  I’m sure that when the film comes out, fans of the franchise will be happy just as they were with “The Dark Knight”.

What are your thoughts on the picture above and the film in general?

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My love for Calvin & Hobbes #1

For anyone who has known me for longer than about  a month, they have probably heard me mention Calvin & Hobbes at some point.  While Peanuts usually gets voted as the greatest comic strip, it’s Calvin & Hobbes to me that stands as the greatest.

Full of child-like wonder, philosophy, imagination and Bill Waterson’s uncanny knack for making us realize that a comic strip can be much much more than a punch line in the last frame.  So many times he hit the nail on the head of what it’s like be a 6 year old, and still was able to comment on social, political and universal issues.

This will probably be something I toss on my blog once a week or so.  Because we all need to laugh, smile and maybe even wipe a tear away on occasion.

Since it’s my first post on this, I’m going to provide two strips today.


first up is one that is considered among Watterson’s best strips.  He had a real love for animals, and his ability to comment on a topic such as hunting and it’s killing of innocent animals is reversed in such a hilarious way here.

Thankfully winter is over.  I think we can all agree about that.  So to celebrate the fact that we now have warmth more often than cold weather, here is a strip that is one of my favorites.

Here we see both Calvin’s intelligence, wicked sense of humor and hilarious ability to mold absolutely anything out of snow.  I don’t know what he will be when he grows up, but whatever it is, I’m sure the word genius will be attached to his name.


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