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“Lights Out” Actor Billy Brown Joins Showtime’s “Dexter” In Key Role

Showtime’s “Dexter” appears to be picking up steam in it’s casting department with shooting for season 6 starting tomorrow.   Veteran actor Billy Brown who just came off of FX’s critically acclaimed “Lights Out” will star as Detective Mike Cutler who has transfered for reasons unknown to Miami Metro.  It seems as though Mike Cutler might be evoking Sgt. Doakes; Dexters former nemesis on the squad.  Casting description is Cutler is that he is a no nonsense kind of guy, and we have also heard talk that someone new on the force may not like Dexter from the start.  Let’s hope that it’s no just a rehash of Doakes.  Doakes 2.0 isn’t new territory.

Regardless, the new cast which started  just Colin Hanks and Mos Def appears to be filling out now and just in time too.  I have to admit that with just Hanks and Def, I thought the new cast seemed kind of small time.  Since season 3 Dexter has managed to get at least one higher profile actor for the show(S3-Jimmy Smits, S4-John Lithgow, S5-Julia Stiles) but now with the addition of Edward James Olmos in a previously post, I think we could be seeing a great season’s cast really come together.



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Edward James Olmos Joins Showtime’s “Dexter”

If there are any Battlestar Galactica fans who miss seeing Edward James Olmos, you might want to start watching Dexter on Showtime.  Olmos will play a brilliant and charismatic professor of religous studies.  Other than that, little is known about his character.  On twitter Mr. Olmos said “It’s true . . . I’m coming for you Dexter . . .”, and though it sounds like that means his character might have it in for Dexter, I think it was just a fun tweet to get the fans going.

Anyone who has seen Mr. Olmos on screen before will understand just how much of an amazing actor he is.  As a young actor in the 70’s and 80’s, Mr. Olmos made his mark by appearing in some highly popular and acclaimed shows and movies at the time including Starsky and Hutch, Kojak, Hawaii Five-O, Blade Runner, Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice.

In the 90’s however, his star had faded enough that he spent the majority of his screen time in small films before hitting it big in the early 2000’s as Commander William Adama in Battlestar Galactica; one of the best shows of all-time.

His role on Dexter should be wonderful to watch.  An actor of his caliber is always a treat for fans who want actors of real gravitas on their show.  Dexter starts filming tomorrow on 5/26!

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