My love for Calvin & Hobbes #1

For anyone who has known me for longer than about  a month, they have probably heard me mention Calvin & Hobbes at some point.  While Peanuts usually gets voted as the greatest comic strip, it’s Calvin & Hobbes to me that stands as the greatest.

Full of child-like wonder, philosophy, imagination and Bill Waterson’s uncanny knack for making us realize that a comic strip can be much much more than a punch line in the last frame.  So many times he hit the nail on the head of what it’s like be a 6 year old, and still was able to comment on social, political and universal issues.

This will probably be something I toss on my blog once a week or so.  Because we all need to laugh, smile and maybe even wipe a tear away on occasion.

Since it’s my first post on this, I’m going to provide two strips today.


first up is one that is considered among Watterson’s best strips.  He had a real love for animals, and his ability to comment on a topic such as hunting and it’s killing of innocent animals is reversed in such a hilarious way here.

Thankfully winter is over.  I think we can all agree about that.  So to celebrate the fact that we now have warmth more often than cold weather, here is a strip that is one of my favorites.

Here we see both Calvin’s intelligence, wicked sense of humor and hilarious ability to mold absolutely anything out of snow.  I don’t know what he will be when he grows up, but whatever it is, I’m sure the word genius will be attached to his name.



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4 responses to “My love for Calvin & Hobbes #1

  1. Kaxxina

    It’s a hard choice for me to pick between Calvin and Hobbes or Bloom County (possibly slightly before your time). And yes, I’m including Opus and Outland as “Bloom County” although neither was quite as good as the original. And I’m curious what your reaction to this was….

    • Ya know, It’s hard. It’s odd to see Calvin as anything more than an imaginative 6 year old kid. Instead, here we see him as a father passing Hobbes onto his daughter. I’m not a big fan overall of anything but Waterson’s original works. What are your thoughts on it?

      • Kaxxina

        Well, I like how the artist put Calvin together with Susie to get his daughter… like we didn’t see that relationship coming. 🙂 However, I like that Calvin “saved” Hobbes for his kids, but I hate the idea that he kinda outgrew him… maybe I’d understand if I had kids. But the way that Hobbes looks back at Calvin makes me think Hobbes misses him, but you know it’s Hobbes and he’s gonna have fun no matter what. 🙂 So, I love it and hate it at the same time. And it makes me cry A LOT, but then I’m a big crybaby, so…. 🙂

      • Yeah, I see what you are saying. I don’t have kids yet, but I understand what the artist is trying to say. When I was about 8 or so, I watched a movie called “Drop Dead Fred” about a girl who had this imaginary friend called DDF. Together they got into quite a bit of trouble. But through some circumstances, Fred was locked away in a box and the girl grew up. She accidentally released him, chaos ensued etc etc. The point however is that in the end, Fred has to go because someone else needs him.

        I don’t really hate it. Among the “adult” stuff out there of C&H, this is probably one of the best. Did you see this one? Just so wrong.

        Then there is this one. Not much better despite it being Suzie and Calvin in a situation we all figured they would get into but never see.

        However, this one isn’t bad. I actually kind of like this one. It says that Calvin and Suzie are together, and yet Calvin still needs/wants Hobbes with him.

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