Pondering Dexter: Looking ahead at season 6 and beyond

When I heard about Dexter shortly before it’s premiere around 5 years ago, I was simply curious about the idea of a Miami Metro blood spatter analyst moonlighting as a serial killer.  What was initially a curiosity soon became a full blown love affair.  Since the premiere I have never missed an episode, and while the show hasn’t been fully perfect in it’s five seasons, even at it’s worst it’s still been very good.

I still stand by season five as a really good season.  There were some problems certainly, but I for one loved Lumen Pierce(Julia Stiles) and wished she would have stayed.  But before I continue on this tangent, I better get to the point of this article which is to talk about what we should be looking forward to this season and maybe the season(s) afterward.  So without further ado, here it is:

1.  Deb learns about Dexter and his bloody history:  In many ways, Debra finding this out is the only big thing the show has left to cover.  What will she do?  Will she turn him in?  Shoot her own brother for admitting to dozens of murders?  Protect him like Harry did?

I think Deb growing up and stepping out of the shadow of her father has been almost as fascinating to watch as anything else on the show these last five years.  If the writers are smart though, they won’t telegraph the reveal.  Instead of having it happen in the last episode of the season, wouldn’t it be nice for it to just . . . happen in the middle and watch as the chaos unfolds.  It would be the best decision creatively since Rita was killed.  A gutsy move for sure.

2.  A big baddie developed over the course of two seasons:  Word from the producers of Dexter is that there will be no big baddie this season which is fine.  In seasons past we have had big baddies dominate the storyline, but they are around of course for one go and that’s it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once, there was someone who might challenge Dexter for more than twelve episodes?  This person could be a recent cast member who for most of the first season, might not seem like anything more or less than a normal person.  Even Dexter might not get that feeling that this person is more than just a neighbor or fellow employee.

That this person could be revealed to be one bad person at the end of the season would be a shock, plus set up the next season’s conflict and arc between that person and Dexter.  It would be neat to have a big baddie hiding in plain site, just like Dexter hides in plain site at work.  It would be a great move.

3.  New cast members proving to be worth their screen time(Colin Hanks, Mos Def, Aimee Garcia)

Hanks, Def and Garcia are probably the three most surprising choices for guest starring roles in the shows history.  These three may not be unknowns, but they are certainly not a Lithgow, Stiles or even a Jimmy Smits.

In some ways it reminds me of season two.  No big baddie really, just a bunch of unknown actors.  It’s not a bad thing really, just odd because by now the show is considered one of the ten best shows on tv.

Hopefully these three make the most of their roles and the writers use them to the best of their strengths and abilities.  Hanks appears to be the best actor among them so far.  As I mentioned above, maybe Hanks character could seem innocent and turn out to be a much darker and more dangerous adversary by seasons end.

4.  New cast members that stay for longer than one season:  One of the few gripes I have about Dexter, is that most guest stars never stay beyond the dozen episodes or less they are signed on for.

In some ways it gets harder each season to really care for any of them because you know that there is a good chance that they will be dead by seasons end.  Joey Quinn has stayed on since he started, but most everyone else has died.  It would be nice for someone to not die for a change and stick around.

5.  La Guerta dies!:  Lauren Vélez has done a fine job since the pilot, but her character has been treading water for some time now.  She simply has less and less to do each season and has basically resorted to becoming the fifth wheel in a precint that should be under her control.

I was going to say that either she or Batista die, but I like Batista.  If the writers wanted to, they could easily find some better storylines for him.  It’s a waste to have such a good actor doing almost nothing.  Don’t get me started on the marriage and troubles from said marriage.  It’s ridiculous the lengths the writers have gone to in giving these characters matieral(that sucks)

6.  Storyline inconsistencies from season five get resolved:  Remember the Santa Muerta storyline last season?  Deb’s shooting, or how about officer Cira Manzon?

All three of these events or people simply fell by the wayside immediately at some point.  The Santa Muerta killings and subsequent shooting by Deb disappeared, and Cira Manzon took Debs desk only to disappear completely from about midway through the season and we havent’ see her since.

If there was a major gripe last season, it was storylines being swept under the rug for no reason.  Better pacing and resolution would be nice for this coming season.

7.  Who is Harrison’s nanny:  From what I have heard, Harrison’s Irish nanny Sonya is a much more important character than we were led to believe last season.  Indeed many message boards were rife with speculation as to who she was and what her motives.

Personally, I’m thinking either she’s possibly someone either connected to Dexter in some way, or possibly even some undercover law enforement.  There something unsettling about her.

8.  Lumen Anne Pierce returns:  I realize that this may be wishful thinking, but for once, a guest star didn’t die.  Lumen left after Jordan Chase was killed.  She washed her hands of the blood and decided to leave both Miami and Dexter.

The problem is that I bought her as Dexter’s soul mate far more than Rita.  Dexter could share his life and his darkness with her and she wasn’t afraid of it.  Regardless of how much Rita loved Dexter and vice versa, she could never fully be a part of his life.

I’m hoping that Julia Stiles will come back and complete her arc on the show.  I just feel that if she was never to come back, they would have had her killed.

9.  Season 6’s writing and storyline are watertight:  As mentioned above, season five suffered from a few problems, chief among them were some bad inconsistencies and plot holes, as well as occasionally bad writing.

I’m hoping that this season the writers do a better job of resolving plot holes and keeping the story and writing to the highest level possible.  Fans are not stupid.  We are your biggest fans, but also your biggest critics.  Simply, do a better job!

10.  Dexter dies:  Since around midway of the second season, I have decided that Dexter will not live to be and old man sitting on a rocking chair sipping lemonade, nor will he be an old man killing bad people either.

My theory is that Dexter will continue to evolve, but the tragedy will be that around the time he is able to stop killing or at least has decided to stop and live a normal(ish) life, will be the time when either the police will finally catch up to him, or another serial killer will finally get the better of him.   Maybe some arch nemesis.

Personally, I think Deb will end up killing him.  No, not because she hates her brother, no I think maybe Dexter will either be mortally wounded somehow, or will be arrested and therefore he will be ruining Astor and Cody’s life by being paraded around as the greatest serial killer ever.  Deb kills her brother to save his reputation based on his wishes.

Well there you have it.  Some things I think are feasible, and maybe some are just hopeful wishing.  Give me a heads up about my thoughts and post your own.





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2 responses to “Pondering Dexter: Looking ahead at season 6 and beyond

  1. Just testing the comments section. Haven’t had any yet. I guess I’ll take a comment from myself for now.

  2. Nicki

    I think the writers of Dexter should read this! 🙂 And maybe some of things will happen!!

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